Innovations in Electrophysiology




The USB-MEA-System has been on the market for over 10 years. It is an easy and straightforward solution to apply electrophysiological techniques for drug screening and basic research. Over 600 publications in scientific journals prove its versatility and reliability.

With a USB-MEA-System, you can record from all electrically active cells, like neuronal or cardiac cultures or slices, retina, or stem cells.

It is suited for microelectrode arrays with 60 electrodes and can easily be connected to our stimulus generators.

With the USB data acquisition, you are free to run your experiment on any desktop PC or laptop. The data acquisition software is available for download for free.

As we offer various channel counts for the data acquisition, you can combine up to four amplifiers in one system, which enables you to run four experiments simultaneously, but completely independently from each other.