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Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH
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Coming soon: Complete one-channel PatchServer setup for automatic establishment of any Patch-Clamp recording configuration on suspended cells. Includes main unit, platform, CatchPipette with amplifier, software, faraday cage, anti-vibration table, microscope with camera, AXON Patch-Clamp amplifier and data acquisition, and accessories.

  • MainUnit

    - 3 Pressure Controllers (1 for RecordingPipette, 1 for CatchPipette, and 1 for CellReservoir)
    - Power supply (100 - 240 V)
    - Possibility to upgrade to FastPerfusion-System or 4-channel version

  • Platform

    - Fixed platform for inverted microscopes
    - Mounting plate with fixed bolt-down positions for CellReservoir, CatchPipette and UltraFastApplication-tool
    - Height adjustable legs

  • BathChamber

    - Elongated main bath compartment
    - 4 individual application bays, each with separate inline

  • CellReservoir

    - Cell storage container with integrated special trituration tube
    - Capillary for cell delivery to CatchPipette
    - Coarse manipulator (LBM-7, Scientifica) with step motor for trituration

  • CatchPipette

    - CatchPipette amplifier (CatchAmp) with housing and tiltable stand
    - Holder for CatchPipette

  • PatchServer-1 Software

    - Automatic control & supervision of entire Patch procedure (1 channel)
    - Programmable protocol assays & fully automatic execution
    - Unrestricted user interrupt possibility & switch to manual Patch procedure
    - Interface to PatchMaster (HEKA) and pClamp 10 (Axon)
    - For Windows 7 or 8

  • Micromanipulator from Scientifica Ltd (PatchStar)

    - Motorised 3 axis super smooth micromanipulator
    - 20 mm of high resolution (20 nm) travel in XYZ and fourth virtual approach axis
    - Drift of less than 1 micron over two hours
    - Extremely low electrical noise

  • Motorized Stage (UMS-2500-00) for microscope

    Scientifica, high capacity XY stage, ultra-low noise 3-axis controller

  • Patch Amplifier

    Data Acquisition System
    - AXON MultiClamp 700B patch clamp amplifier with 2 headstages
    - AXON DigiData 1550 Low-noise data acquisition system
    - AXON PCLAMP 10 CNS Software for Windows

  • Perfusion System
    • 1-channel temperature controller (TC01 from MCS)
    • Perfusion heating (PH01 from MCS)
    • 2-channel peristaltic perfusion pump (PPS2 from MCS)
  • Anti-vibration table

    Faraday cage
    - TMC, Type II Faraday Cage with armrest pads (81-333-04, Height: 102 cm (40 in), 3 cable holes: 5 cm (2 in) diameter)

    Anti-vibration table
    - TMC, 63-500 isolation table + Clean Top II (10 cm), with full perimeter enclosure (63-544, 750x1200, M6 on 25 mm)

  • Microscope with camera

    Inverse Microscope & Accessories
    - Olympus, inverted microscope, IX73
    - Olympus Objectives (PLN 4X, WD 18.5, MAG 4x, FN 22, NA 0.1, no IM; CPLN 10XPH, WD 10, MAG 10x, FN 22, NA 0.25, no IM; LCACHN 40XPH, WD 2.2, MAG 40x, FN 22, NA 0.55, no IM)

    - IDS, UI-1550LE

  • Technical specifications

    Technical specifications as specified in the data sheet unless noted otherwise in the order.