Innovations in Electrophysiology

Control Options

Scientifica Ltd

Our range of control hardware and software can be applied across our entire range of motorised products, from manipulators to microscope stages and imaging platforms.

  • Control Cube
  • PatchPad
  • Joystick
  • Linlab software

While some of our instruments have a natural match with one control device, it is entirely down to user preference and they are easily interchangeable.

The control devices can be linked directly to the equipment via our 19" 1U rack, for simple and intuitive manipulation straight out of the box. In addition however, one of the features of the Linlab software is the ability to adjust the hardware to suit your personal preferences; for example, the weighting of the 3 wheels of the control cube can be personalised in this way. 

The Control Cube and PatchPad can be also be arranged to control multiple devices via toggle switches, for ease of use and to save valuable lab space.

Please note that the Windows based Linlab software, along with all future upgrades, is supplied free of charge with all Scientifica motorised equipment.

More information at the Scientifica product page