Innovations in Electrophysiology

iTEV 90

HEKA Elektronik
Quality Made in Germany

The iTEV 90 amplifier is a complete two-electrode voltage and current clamp amplifier providing the option to add a third electrode.

Two-electrode voltage-clamp (TEV) of Xenopus laevis oocytes is easily applied for the rapid screening of ion channel function, in particular in pharmacological experiments. However, conventional TEV hardware is not straightforwardly operated by technical personnel because adjustment of the electronics requires considerable practical experience. Moreover, the faithful interpretation of experimental data is often compromised by an incomplete control of all physical parameters determining the voltage clamp performance. HEKA therefore designed and implemented a hardware/software combination with HEKA's new LIH 8+8 AD/DA interface built-in. This arrangement minimizes total recording noise, eliminates compatibility problems and reduces additional equipment expenses and set-up times. The built-in interface utilizes the latest USB 2.0 and high speed processing technologies without the need for a peripheral PCI card.

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