Innovations in Electrophysiology


Scientifica Ltd

The LBM-7 Manual Manipulator was designed and developed in conjunction with scientists to achieve absolute practicality, accuracy and increased productivity, bridging the gap between course manipulators and micromanipulators. Seven axes of movement, four linear and three rotational, combine with a margin of error smaller than 1µm, to provide the complete positioning tool for scientists.


  • Sensitive to <1 µm for total control
  • Movement along seven axes, four linear and three rotational, for fast and accurate positioning and high productivity
  • Unique repeatable mechanical memory system that allows you to return to user-defined mechanical stops.
  • Precise control achieved with a lead screw to position each stage whilst ensuring zero backlash and extreme sensitivity.
  • With the mechanical stops set, our tests have measured less than 1 µm of drift per hour.
  • High quality design and engineering creates an extremely durable manipulator with minimal drift and lasting reliability.
  • Pre-loaded linear bearings in the stages give total accuracy.
  • Switches easily between left and right-handed operation
  • Easily attached to standard mounting platforms, such as our Post and Platform Mount, as it has industry standard mounting holes.

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