Innovations in Electrophysiology


Microelectrode array, perforated layout for USB-MEA32STIM4-System and MEA2100-HS(2x)32:

Polyimide foil on ceramic carrier, dimension 49x25 mm, total area of perforation 8 mm², TiN electrodes, Polyimide foil isolator, contact pads and tracks opaque Ti, with internal reference electrode, recording electrode grid 1x10+1x12+1x10, stimulation electrode grid 3x4, 32 recording electrodes, electrode spacing 90 and 150 µm, electrode diameter 30 µm, 12 stimulation electrodes, electrode spacing 90 and 100 µm, electrode diameter 50 µm, warranty: 6 months.

Glass ring 6 mm high (other heights on request)