Innovations in Electrophysiology

Micromanipulator uMp-3 | 4

Sensapex Oy

Zero drift micromanipulator uMp3 | 4 with extreme stability and accuracy miniaturized

Key features

  1. Compact plug-and-play systems with unlimited scalability
  2. Zero drift solid-state drives with integrated closed-loop control
  3. 20 mm range with 5 nm resolution
  4. Virtual and physical 4th axis options
  5. Easy to use electrode exchange mechanisms
  6. Millisecond level synchrony for automated positioning.


Micromanipulator (uMp-3 | 4)

Positioning range: 20x20x20 mm3 (XYZ)
Resolution / repeatibility: 5 nm / 100 nm
Max. speed: 5 mm/s
Load: 0 - 150 g
True approach angle: 0 - 45 | 90* degrees
4th axis: virtual | physical (optional)
Table mounting: Bolt
Electrode exchange**: Slide + flip | rotate
Dimensions: 39x93x101 mm

*Requires 4th physical axis, **Handedness, mounting and electrode exchange options are customer exchangeable


Touch Screen Controller (uM-TSC)

  • Intuitive user interface with touch screen display
  • Easy speed adjustment and manipulator selection
  • Programmable memory positions
  • Two RWs per controller; max. 65536 manipulators*
  • Simultanous lift / lowering feature
  • Fast computer interface through Ethernet
  • Graphical user interface for PC and open source SDK

Batteries: Li-ion (rechargeable), full working day usage time
AC charger: 90-264 V, 50-60 Hz
Dimensions: 120x95x123 mm

*Connecting more than two manipulators requires hub


Rotary Wheel remote interface (uM-RW3 | 4)

  • Four knob version available for 4th virtual or physical axis
  • Quick buttons for speed and manipulator selections
  • USB connector to Touch Screen Controller

Dimensions: 170x53x170 mm