Innovations in Electrophysiology

MicroStar Micromanipulator

Scientifica Ltd

The MicroStar motorised micromanipulator has been developed in close collaboration with electrophysiology researchers to create a stable, versatile, low-noise yet affordable micromanipulator with dimensions that offer new options for rig configuration.

The MicroStar enables the researcher to arrange up to 8 electrodes around a sample. This makes it especially ideal for Neuroscientists studying synaptic connectivity and networks but also for a wider range of applications where space around tissue samples is at a premium. 

The MicroStar is recommended for a wide range of techniques including; Patch Clamping, Sharp Electrode Recording, Microinjection, Stretch Testing and other procedures requiring delicate and long term positioning.

The MicroStar offers 4 axes of motorised motion, X Y Z and ‘Approach’. MicroStars can be mounted next to both upright and inverted microscopes (see the Scientifica range of mounting options) and suits many experimental types.


  • Compact Design - allows arrangement of more electrodes around the sample
  • Ultra stable - less than 1 micron drift in 2 hours allows long term experiments
  • Low noise electronics - suitable for single channel recordings
  • Super smooth motion - 20nm resolution and quality engineering means you can reliably position your electrode or probe on the cell of choice
  • Choice of controls - Control Cube, PatchPad or LinLab software controlled Four axes of motion - maximum positioning versatility
  • Easy pipette exchange - increased productivity and reproducible positioning
  • Auto angle detection - pipette axis motion for accurate sub-surface positioning
  • Modular design - easily configured for left or right-handed operation

More information at the Scientifica product page