Innovations in Electrophysiology

Motorized Moveable Top Plate

Scientifica Ltd

Compatible with all major upright microscopes the MMTP (Motorized Moveable Top Plate) is ideal for use with a confocal or multiphoton system.

It offers 25 mm of super smooth X & Y travel with a resolution of 20 nm. The manipulators and sample can be positioned as one, allowing movement to different fields of view of the objective, whilst the microscope remains fixed. This means that you can image different areas of interest whilst maintaining delicate patch clamp experiments. Up to 50 memory positions can be stored and recalled in XY & Z (focus) axes. The ultra low noise electronics means you can continue to record sensitive signals even during sample adjustment. Platform positioning can be carried out by either a joystick, control cube or with a PC.

More information at the Scientifica product page.