Innovations in Electrophysiology

Post and Platform

Scientifica Ltd

Eliminating environmental interference through vibrations and other sources is of paramount importance in the scientific experiment. Now you can have greater stability and precision with Scientifica’s Universal Post and Platform, a stable and accurate mounting base for manipulators and other precision devices.

Use Scientifica’s universal Post and Platform alongside any upright or inverted microscope for a stable and consistent flexible mounting system.

The Post and Platform (P&P) Mount is available with two mounting methods:

  • P&P with Screw-down base - The precision-tapped screw-down base can be fixed to any metric or inch spaced laboratory table offering total rigidity.
  • P&P with Magnetic base - Three magnets, each with 75kg holding force, anchor firmly to and are easily positioned on both smooth and holed table tops.


  • Solid, durable construction of stainless steel and aluminium
  • Resists vibration interference with experiments
  • Height and horizontal angle are fully adjustable
  • All moveable parts are fitted with quick-release locks
  • Magnetic or screw-down base
  • Mechanical stops for perfect replication of position