Innovations in Electrophysiology

Post and Platform Sample Plate Holders

Scientifica Ltd

Securely mounting your tissue sample is essential for accurate, stable recordings. By opting to mount your samples using our post and platform system, you can guarantee simple and ultra stable mounting around almost any microscope type.

Post and Platform Sample Plate Holders are available in three types to cater for a range of manipulation requirements and budgets:

  • Fixed post and platform - popularly combined with moving microscope stages, these are available with magnetic or screw-down bases for easy installation straight onto your table surface. The height of the sample can be set using the lever mechanism.
  • Movable sample plate - offers similar benefits to the fixed post and platform, but with 25mm of fine manual control adjustment in X and Y axis to easily align your preparation in your microscope's field of view.
  • Motorised Movable sample plate - features motorised movement in X, Y and optionally Z axis, via our standard range of control options for entirely hands-free sample positioning.

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