Innovations in Electrophysiology




Our partner Scientifica makes and supplies a range of microscopes for many applications and techniques including multiphoton imaging, bright-field and fluorescent microscopy. Moreover, they provide the compatible stages and platforms. The Scientifica stages and platforms have been designed specifically for electrophysiology and two photon imaging research.

  • Solution for Laser Applied Stimulation and Uncaging
  • Ideal for Optogenetics
  • Fully-motorised, upright microscope specially for electrophysiology
  • Small footprint and low-noise electronics
  • Complete system including software
  • Different scanheads available
  • For in vivo and in vitro imaging
  • Versatile and stable stages and platforms
  • Motorized or manual positioning control for in vivo and in vitro experiments
  • Motorized and manual manipulators
  • For positioning stimulating electrodes to whole cell patch-clamp