Innovations in Electrophysiology

Smart Ephys Wireless System



The new Smart Ephys Wireless System is the all-in-one solution for amplifying, recording, and analyzing in vivo data from 64 to 256 channels. It combines the advantages of two well-known brands:

A large range of lightweight headstages with low power consumption from TBSI with a cutting edge data acquisition and interface board (IFB) from MCS.

Versatile software: Multi Channel Suite

The Smart Ephys Wireless System comes with the powerful and easy-to-use software package Multi Channel Suite.
It consists of three programs and updates are available for free from the MCS website:

Multi Channel Experimenter for data acquisition and online analysis; Multi Channel Analyzer for offline analysis; and Multi Channel DataManager for data export for further analysis with third-party programs.

Multi-Channel-Suite-spikes-spike-sorter Multi-Channel-Suite-spike-explorer