Innovations in Electrophysiology



The USB-ME-PGA/FAI-System is a complete system solution for in vivo recordings with microelectrode arrays, including lightweight miniature headstage amplifiers, and filter amplifiers with or without programmable gain to record from 64 up to 256 channels in real-time. Because the system consists of several devices, we call it "Stationary-ME-System", as once it is set-up, it is not that convenient to move around.

To get startet, just connect your amplifier to a USB-ME-System (data acquisition box) and you can run your experiment on every desktop PC or notebook. It also enables you to make electrical activity audible in real-time.

Furthermore - by moving the analysis from the PC to the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) integrated in the USB-ME-System hardware, a real-time signal detection/feedback is possible. The real-time signal detection/feedback is an advantageous feature if you need fast and predictable reactions related to recorded analog signals without time delay.

And last but not least it is the only system in the world, that enables you to run four experiments simultaneously, but completely independently from each other.