Innovations in Electrophysiology


Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH
Made in Germany

Portable 16-channel data acquisition system.
Complete with headstage preamplifiers and integrated filter amplifiers, power supply, and software package. With its novel technology using USB 2.0 High Speed interface it is a reliable, mobile, and very compact recording system. The system can be connected to any computer or laptop and be controlled from Multi Channel Suite or custom programs (via DLL). Option with 1 µPA16.


ME16-FAI-µPA main device:
  - Dimensions (W x D x H): 170 x 224 x 66 mm
  - External power supply: 100-240 V input voltage range
  - 16-channel data acquisition with additional digital input/output channel,
    simultaneous 50 kHz sampling on each channel
  - Analog inputs: 2 x 15 Pin SubD for MPA8I and 1 x 26-pin HD D-Sub for µPA16
  - 16 Digital input and output bits: 68-Pin MCS Standard connector
  - Data transfer: USB 2.0 High Speed (true USB 2.0 transfer rate)
  - Integrated 16-Channel filter amplifier with fixed gain and filter settings
  - Gain: 100
  - Bandwidth: 1–5000 Hz
• Data acquisition and analysis software Multi Channel Suite
  - Including a 2 years maintenance package (software updates and support)
• 1x µPA16:
  - Micro preamplifier with 16 electrode inputs
  - Common ground
  - Additional reference electrode input
  - Gain: 10
  - Bandwidth: 0 Hz - 50kHz
• User manuals

Technical specifications as specified in the data sheet unless noted otherwise in the order.