Innovations in Electrophysiology

In vitro MEA-Systems



The MEA-Systems record, amplify, and analyze signals from biological samples in vitro. The data is analyzed by the included data acquisition software. MEA-Systems are used to record from brain or cardiac slices, neuronal or cardiac cultures, ex vivo retina, cell lines or stem cells.

Multi Channel Systems offer the following MEA-Systems:

  • Most versatile system for all applications
  • For microelectrode arrays with 32, 60, 120 or 256 electrodes
  • Integrated stimulus generator
  • Ideal for medium to high throughput electrophysiology
  • For 24- or 96-well plates
  • Feature 288 recording and integrated stimulator
  • Extracellular recordings and stimulation at the highest resolution
  • 4225 recording and 1024 stimulation sites
  • Recordings at sub-cellular level
  • Perfectly suited for retina, cultures (neuronal or cardiac), and stem cell recordings.
  • For microelectrode arrays with 252 electrodes (9-well MEA available for drug screening/safety pharmacology)
  • Modular system for all applications
  • For microelectrode arrays with 60 electrodes