Innovations in Electrophysiology

Multi Channel Suite

For over 10 years, all MEA-Systems from Multi Channel Systems were controlled by the MC_Rack software package. It includes many instruments and analysis options, used by laboratories around the world. However, due to technical limitations, we did not consider it to be the program for the 21st century. So we started from scratch and developed the Multi Channel Suite software package.

It is more flexible and intuitive to use and supports all MEA2100- and Multiwell-MEA-Systems as well as the Wireless-Systems.

The Multi Channel Suite is a software package, consisting of 3 programs:

Experimenter (tool for online analysis and data recording)

  • Every connected hardware is visible in the panel and switching is quick and easy
  • Experimental set-up is more flexible and more intuitive than with MC_Rack
  • A docking/tab-window concept facilitates a more flexible layout of the single instruments
  • Recording can be switched on and off independent of the data acquisition
  • MEA2100-System: 24bit resolution of the hardware is supported
  • MEA2100-System: Stimulation patterns can be designed from within the same software
  • MEA2100-System: Multiwell-MEAs are supported more intuitively
  • Support of Basic and Advanced Wireless-Systems

Analyzer (tool for offline analysis)

  • Arbitrary navigation through raw data is possible
  • New mode “Explore” for interactive setting of analysis parameters
  • Video tool (possibile to navigate through recorded data via corresponding video data and the other way round)
  • Spike Explorer

DataManager (tool for export to other file formats)

  • Exports files to HDF5 format for easy import in Matlab or Python
  • Exports files to NEX format for analysis in Neuroexplorer