Innovations in Electrophysiology


Harvard Bioscience vice president / general manager E-Phys business unit Karl-Heinz Boven and former Multi Channel Systems managing director Andreas Möller are the founders of Multi Channel Systems. They both have advanced degrees in physics and started the company in 1996. Since then, they led MCS from a two men venture to a successful, internationally active company with over 50 employees. From the beginning, they believed that the MEA technology is an important research tool. Their non-stop commitment to product innovation and superior customer support is reflected today in all MCS employees. Innovating new products, manufacturing the latest technology at the highest quality level and never forgetting that the customer always comes first are our goals.

Karl-Heinz Boven

Karl-Heinz Boven

Harvard Bioscience Vice President
General Manager E-Phys Business Unit
Email: boven [at] multichannelsystems.com