Innovations in Electrophysiology

MEA Xpress



MEA Xpress Completely automated high throughput electrophysiology: Liquid handling and recording in one system

MCS combined the reliable and cost efficient Opentrons OT-2 pipetting robot with the well known Multiwell-MEA-System to generate an automated platform for substance screening: MEA Xpress.

The robot perfectly houses the Multiwell-MEA-System and offers high-precision pipettes that execute the liquid transfer quickly and accurately.


What does the MEA Xpress do?

  • Automates dilution series preparation
  • Houses the multiwell plate with your samples 
  • Automates compound application
  • Records electrophysiological data from 288 channels; for cardiac and neuronal samples and compound screening
  • Delivers data files with electrophysiological data and meta information ready for analysis in the Multiwell-Analyzer




To read more about high throughput screening:

Visit www.multiwell-mea.com