Innovations in Electrophysiology

MEA Xpress



MEA Xpress Automated high throughput electrophysiology: A new Multiwell-MEA screening platform with integrated compound administration

Partnering up with Opentrons, we are proud to launch an integrated, reliable, yet stunningly affordable automated screening platform, to help facilitate and speed up your compound screening protocols. Combining the well known Multiwell-MEA-System with the liquid handling robot offers you an automated platform for substance screening: MEA Xpress.
The robot perfectly houses the Multiwell-MEA-System and offers high-precision pipettes that execute the liquid transfer quickly and accurately.


What does the MEA Xpress do?

  • Automates dilution series preparation
  • Houses the multiwell plate with your samples 
  • Automates compound application
  • Records electrophysiological data from 288 channels; for cardiac and neuronal samples and compound screening
  • Delivers data files with electrophysiological data and meta information ready for analysis in the Multiwell-Analyzer