Innovations in Electrophysiology

CMOS-MEAs for CMOS-MEA5000-System


The CMOS-MEA chip is based on complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology, facilitating fast, high resolution imaging of electrical activity. They are equipped with a culture- or slice-chamber to house your sample, while allowing the use of a microscope.

The CMOS-chip has a 65x65 layout and is available with 16 μm or 32 μm interelectrode distance (center to center). The electrode diameter always is 8 μm. Between the recording electrodes, there is a grid of 32x32 bigger stimulation sites. Summarizing, you can record from 4225 electrodes and stimulate your sample at 1024 sites. The chip surface is coated with a planar oxide, similar to glass, enhancing the biocompatibility and biostability.