Innovations in Electrophysiology

Control Tools



Multi Channel Systems offers a variety of products that can be used independently from the complete system set-ups, too.

The tools like pumps or  stimulus generators are controlled by individual software programs, which you will find in the tab above.

You will find software for:
  • Setting the filter settings of the MEA2100-System, as well as the basic and advanced wireless systems
  • Controlling the PPS2 peristaltic pumps
  • Operating the STG stimulus generators
  • Controlling the TCX temperature controllers
  • Setting the parameters of the PGA programmable gain amplifiers
  • Working with the MEA-IT impedance testing device
  • Operating the video microscope table with the software MEA-Monitor
  • Working with MEA1060 amplifiers with blanking circuit (MEA_Select)
  • Using several MEA1060 amplifiers (MEA_Switch)
  • Operating the nanoZ impedance tester
  • Accessing MCS devices directly from your code (McsUsbNet.dll)
  • Accessing MC_Rack data via Neuroshare