Innovations in Electrophysiology


64-channel impedance testing device for testing of electrode site impedances to identify faulty sites, and conditioning of sites for effective stimulation.

  • nanoZ:
    64-channel impedance testing device including USB connection cable and nanoZ software
    - Samtec connectors that are pin-compatible with all 32- and 64-channel acute silicon probes from Neuronexus
  • Available adapters:
    ADPT-nanoZ-NN-16 for 16-channel chronic probes from Neuro Nexus Technologies
    ADPT-nanoZ-NN-32 for 32-channel chronic probes from Neuro Nexus Technologies
    ADPT-nanoZ-NN-32/64 for 32- or 64-channel acute probes from Neuro Nexus Technologies
  • Features:
    - 64 channels
    - 1 kΩ ~ 100 MΩ working range, 1 Hz ~ 5 kHz test frequencies
    - 1 kΩ display resolution, 1 % accuracy or better for 5 kΩ ~ 15 MΩ electrodes at test frequencies < 2 kHz
    - Low (nanoamp) test currents suitable for in vitro or in vivo testing
    - Constant current electroplating ±12 μA range, ±5 V compliance
    - Intuitive graphical user interface makes the nanoZ easy to use
    - Free software development kit for Matlab for developing custom user applications


Manual download at https://white-matter.com/products/nanoZ

Please note: MCS sells this product in Europe only.