Innovations in Electrophysiology


Advancements in Research Virtual Discussion: Wireless and Tethered In Vivo Approaches for Neurological Recordings in Freely Moving Animals

Date (Berlin Time): Wed, Sep 30, 2020

Explore new possibilities in behavioral neuroscience research! Whether your in vivo recording preferences are wireless or tethered, this is one webinar you do not want to miss. Join MCS Application Specialist, George Portugal, to learn more about benefits of the W2100 and ME2100 recording systems from Multi Channel Systems.

Advancements in Research Virtual Discussion: MicroElectrode Arrays for Diabetes Research and Beyond

Date (Berlin Time): Wed, Jul 01, 2020

The MEA2100-Beta-Screen-System: Non-invasive electrophysiological recordings from intact islets of Langerhans using Microelectrode Arrays (MEAs)

CMOS-MEA5000-System: Extracellular recordings and stimulation at the highest resolution

Date (Berlin Time): Tue, May 26, 2015

Providing 4225 recording sites separated by only a few microns, the active CMOS-chip can image electrical activity at a sub-cellular resolution. 

Cardio2D: Software for mapping cardiac excitation patterns

Date (Berlin Time): Tue, May 19, 2015

For the analysis of cardiac culture and tissue, we offer an advanced software: Cardio2D

Wireless Recordings from Freely Moving Rodents

Date (Berlin Time): Tue, May 12, 2015

When working with freely moving animals, natural behavior is crucial. The Wireless-Systems make cables obsolete and enables neuronal recordings from rodents or other animals. 

Epicardial mapping from isolated organs

Date (Berlin Time): Thu, May 07, 2015

Recordings from isolated organs are essential in arrhythmia research. The complete set-up, from perfusion system to electrodes, is covered during this webinar. 

Automated TEVC: The Roboocyte2

Date (Berlin Time): Wed, May 06, 2015

The Roboocyte2 is the ideal tool for automated TEVC from Xenopus oocytes. Our product manager for the Xenopus oocyte product line will give you an introduction in the main features and advantages.  

Toxicity and drug screening with MEAs: Multiwell-MEA-System

Date (Berlin Time): Tue, May 05, 2015

We are proud to present the Multiwell-MEA-System, the perfect solution for medium to high throughput electrophysiology. 

TEVC with small compound volumes: The HiClamp

Date (Berlin Time): Thu, Apr 30, 2015

The HiClamp is the ideal solution for TEVC in Xenopus oocytes, when working with minimal compound volumes. 

Pipette-Based Automated Patch Clamp: The PatchServer

Date (Berlin Time): Tue, Apr 28, 2015

The PatchServer is world-wide the only automatic Patch-Clamp system that is able to establish single-channel and whole-cell recording configurations using tools and techniques from the manual patch approach.