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The CMOS-MEA5000-System is the in vitro recording system from Multi Channel Systems for extracellular recordings and stimulation at the highest resolution.

Based on the complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technology, it opens up new possibilities in electrophysiological research.

With more than 4000 recording sites, each of them sampled at 25 kHz, the chip allows extracellular recordings at a very high spatio-temporal resolution. By including amplification on the chip itself, noise is minimized and a high signal quality is guaranteed.

As stimulation sites are included in the chip and a stimulus generator in the headstage, the system is ideal for closed-loop experiments.

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High resolution: The video shows the propagation of an average action potential along a single unmyelinated axon of a rat ganglion cell. Details can be found in the paper of H.Stutzki et al. in Frontiers Cell. Neurosci. 8:38 (2014).
Data courtesy to F.Jetter, H.Stutzki and G.Zeck, NMI Reutlingen

MCS-InterfaceBoard-3.0-Multiboot MCS-IFB

As part of the system, the MCS-IFB 3.0 Multiboot is a new interface board generation which is able to receive data from a MEA2100(-Mini)-Headstage, a Multiwell-MEA-Headstage, a CMOS-MEA5000-Headstage, a MCS-SCU or a W2100-Receiver. This makes cost-effective combinations with only one interface board and multiple recording systems possible. You can establish for example your experiments on 60, 120, or 256 electrodes with the MEA2100-System, then add the Multiwell-MEA-Headstage and start high-throughput screening. It's also possible to use the same interface board for in vitro MEA experiments and tethered / wireless in vivo recordings. This leaves you with even more flexibility in switching between possible configurations for your specific research needs.

Key features:

  • Real-time signal detection and feedback*
  • Freely programmable DSP*
  • Multiple inputs/outputs, including digital, analog, and audio
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports

* applicable for MEA2100(-Mini), ME2100, and W2100

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