Innovations in Electrophysiology


Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH
Quality Made in Germany

Perfusion kit:

• TC02:
  - 2-channel temperature controller for biological samples
  - Set-point temperature reached fast within 30 seconds to 5 minutes
  - Control temperature range from ambient temperature to +50 °C
  - Precision controller using PI characteristics
  - 100-240 V input voltage range, external power supply
• TCX_Control Program:
  TCX-Control is a software to control the MCS temperature controllers. Through
  the quick USB interface, it is possible to adjust all settings of the TC02
  temperature controller online.
• 1 x PH01:
  - Heatable perfusion cannula with temperature sensor
  - Controlled by TC02
• 1 x PPS2:
  - Peristaltic perfusion system with one inlet and one drain pump
  - Controlled by software or touch pad
  - Flow rate: 0 - 30 ml/min
• Accessories:
  - 2 magnetic perfusion holders
  - Replacement set of fluidic devices (PPS2-Set-F)

Technical specifications as specified in the data sheet unless noted otherwise in the order.