Innovations in Electrophysiology

In Vivo Systems



The in vivo recording systems record, amplify, and analyze signals from freely moving or anesthetized animals or organ explants. The data is analyzed by the included data acquisition software.

Our in vivo recording systems connect to almost all commecially available probes. We recommend the use of probes from NeuroNexus or ATLAS Neuroengineering. Please see their company websites for probe specifications and order information.

Multi Channel Systems offers the following recording systems for in vivo electrophysiology:

  • Recording and stimulation with freely moving animals
  • Light-weight headstages with 4, 8, 16 or 32 channels
  • Complete system, including data acquisition
  • Small and compact all-in-one solution with integrated amplifier and data acquistion
  • Available with 16 or 32 channels
  • For tethered in vivo and ex vivo experiments (e.g. Langendorff heart)
  • Tethered in vivo / ex vivo data acquisition system with integrated stimulation
  • Up to 256 channels with 24 bit resolution
  • Universal IFB-C multiboot interface board