Innovations in Electrophysiology


Being experts in business administration and marketing, they make sure that you know who we are. They set up various meetings worldwide, write our product literature, make sure our website has complete up-to-date detailed information, and decide on advertising.

Karla Bellack

Karla Bellack

Teamleader Marcom
Marketing Manager
Email: bellack [at] multichannelsystems.com
Dr. Christoph Stangl

Dr. Christoph Stangl

Global Product Manager
MEA Electrophysiology
Email: stangl [at] multichannelsystems.com
Phone: +49 7121 90925 643
Salehe Taheri

Salehe Taheri

Web Content Manager
Email: taheri [at] multichannelsystems.com
Phone: +49 7121 90925 620
Johannes Hermann

Johannes Herrmann

Campaign Specialist
Email: jherrmann [at] harvardbioscience.com
Phone: +49 7121 90925 690