Innovations in Electrophysiology




One of the goals of our software engineers is to combine complex tasks with a user-friendly interface. Therefore, our programs are very flexible and customizable, while still easy-to-use.

Most programs are included in the scope of delivery of the respective product. Furthermore there are additional packages for selected applications.

Our data file format is compatible with many analysis tools such as Matlab, Neuroexplorer, and Origin. Multi Channel Systems is official partner of Nex Technologies, so you can order the Neuroexplorer directly from us. For custom software solutions interacting with MCS products, we also provide a GitHub repository with free and open source code samples

Depending on the hardware, different programs are applicable to your set-up. Please choose from the categories below to find more information on the software from Multi Channel Systems.

In vitro / in vivo Systems

Software for recording and analyzing data from

  • In vitro systems
  • In vivo systems

Xenopus Oocyte Products

Software for recording and analyzing data from

  • Xenopus research systems

Control Tools

Software to control and configure MCS devices like

  • Stimulus generators
  • Temperature controllers
  • MCS Accessories