Innovations in Electrophysiology





MEA2100-Beta-Screen-System The MEA2100-Beta-Screen-System is an in vitro recording system optimized for diabetes research with beta cells in intact islets of Langerhans. Non-invasive in vitro MEA technology enables acute long-term recording of up to 40 islets simultaneously. Built-in suctions allows fixation and optimal positioning of the islets on the electrodes. The system consists of a 5-channel headstage with build-in perfusion, featuring a sampling rate of 50 kHz per channel at a 24 bit resolution. The digitized data is transferred from the headstage to a signal collector unit for up to four headstages. The signal collector unit is connected to the interface board.
MEA2100-Beta-Screen-System-8-fold With a multifold MEA2100-Beta-Screen-System up to two signal collectors can be connected to one interface board, thereby creating a system with 8 headstages for parallel recordings.

Chronic recordings of beta cell activity with the incubator-ready MEA2100-Mini-System


  • Small footprint, low heat emission
  • Possibility for parallel operation of many headstages
  • Ideal solution for continuous, undisturbed recordings and stimulation of samples in the incubator or on a microscope stage with environmental control


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