Innovations in Electrophysiology


Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH
Quality Made in Germany

Peristaltic perfusion system with TTL control function: Rig with 5 peristaltic pumps used for the perfusion of biologic samples. All 5 pumps can be controlled independently via the included software. The pumps are driven by stepper motors providing a very long lifetime without maintenance.

  • Peristaltic perfusion pump (PPS5):
      - Flow rate inlet: 0 to 30 ml/minute
      - Flow rate drain: 0 to 50 ml/minute
      - For higher flow rates please contact MCS.
      - USB 2.0 interface and digital I/O ports for synchronizing the perfusion with data acquisition software
  • Five droplet isolators
  • Four small bottles plus tray
  • One waste bottle
  • Tubing set consisting of:
      - 4 inlet tubes: Pharmed® ID: 1.65 mm, OD: 3.35 mm
      - 1 drain tube: Pharmed® ID: 2.29 mm, OD: 3.99 mm
  • Software control:
      - PPS5 software running on Microsoft Windows®
      - Including a 2 years maintenance package (software updates and support)

Technical specifications as specified in the data sheet unless noted otherwise in the order.