Innovations in Electrophysiology

BNA Festival of Neuroscience 2021

Conference Days: 
Apr 12, 2021 to Apr 15, 2021
Equipment is shown by: 
Harvard Bioscience

The Festival of Neuroscience sets the template for a completely novel forum, where other organisations with an interest in brain research are invited to join the BNA to create a cross-disciplinary and celebratory neuroscience event, bringing together fundamental research with clinical expertise and public engagement as well. Its goal is it to:


  • bring together multiple organisations with an interest in brain research at a single, shared event, creating a novel, multi-organisation forum featuring all areas of fundamental research in neuroscience and psychology, from both academia and the commercial sector, plus clinical expertise in neurology and psychiatry.
  • include a programme of public events as well. Past Festivals have seen a rap performance about consciousness, lunchtime talks, sessions in schools, and much more.