Innovations in Electrophysiology

Patch Club 2023

Conference Days: 
Jun 23, 2023
Montpellier, France
Equipment is shown by: 
Multi Channel Systems, HEKA

The « Patch-Club de Montpellier » is a scientific group which has gathered the Montpellieran electrophysiologists 25 years. Each year in June, this group organizes a one day meeting. This meeting is an opportunity for exchanges between the different groups working in Montpellier around scientific and technical questions. Since researchers coming from different cities are invited each year, it is also an opportunity for the community to inform other French groups about recent advances, and it facilitates collaborations.
The « Patch-Club de Montpellier » gathers almost 100 researchers, working on subjects as various as the regulation of ion fluxes in plants, muscles physiology, channelopathies, endocrine secretion or neurosciences.