Innovations in Electrophysiology



Toxicity assessment on neurons and cardiomyocytes
2021 to 2024

Drugs, pesticides and chemical pollutants can potentially cause neurotoxicity and cardiotoxicity. However, we lack robust assays for accurate and sensitive assessment of functional toxicity in the cardiac and central nervous systems. The EU-funded TOX-Free project develops a non-invasive nanotechnology-based technique capable of recording electrical signals from human stem cell-derived neuronal and cardiac cells. The TOX-Free biosensor will allow reliable toxicity assessment in-vitro, using human cells and providing data of unprecedented quality, even beyond existing technologies such as microelectrode array (MEA) and live-cell imaging. The biosensor will find direct applications in toxicology and pharmacology as well as in basic biology studies.

Project partners:

Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), Plasmon Nanotechnologies Group, Genova; University of Konstanz; Natural and Medical Sciences Institute (NMI), Tübingen; ChanPharm, Vienna.

Weblinks: https://toxfreeproject.eu/

Media-Link: https://toxfreeproject.eu/about