Innovations in Electrophysiology




LTP Director is a specialized acquisition software that is complemented by the analysis module LTP Analyzer. The software supports MEA2100-Systems (MEA2100-Mini excluded), MEA1060-BC ampilifiers with external STG as well as the ME64/128/256 data acquisition systems. Stimulation, recording and electrode selection are controlled from within one software module. In comparison to MC_Rack or Multi Channel Suite, the LTP Director is less versatile, but much easier to use for its main purpose: LTP experiments in acute hippocampal slices.

Features include:

  • Control of stimulation electrodes, stimulation patterns, recording parameters and experimental design from within one software.
  • Two independent stimulation pathways.
  • Automatic detection and on line analysis of EPSPs and population spikes.
  • Integrated documentation saved together with the data.
  • Fully automated, pre-defined experiments.
  • Export of already normalized results as ASCII data.
  • Generation of report sheets for each experiment.

The given features of this software make it an easy to use tool for standardized LTP experiments, which can be operated by technical personal without problems.

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