Innovations in Electrophysiology

Programmable Gain Amplifiers


Filter amplifiers with programmable gain from Multi Channel Systems can be integrated in a variety of setups. Use our programmable gain amplifiers (PGAs) for your in vivo experiments. Just connect your headstage and a data acquisition system, and start recording.
Programmable gain amplifiers are made according to your needs. You decide on bandwidth and gain, depending on your application. With the programmable gain amplifiers, you can adjust the gain via the included software.
Multi Channel Systems offers PGAs with 16, 32, and 64 channels, as well as special models with two bandwidths.
Product Features
  • Individual gain setting for each channel (via software)
  • Suitable for a variety of applications
  • Configurations (bandwidth and gain) according to your needs
  • Models with two bandwidths available