Innovations in Electrophysiology

STG5 Base

Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH
Made in Germany

Your setup begins with the Base Unit of the STG5 Stimulus Generator system, which includes 2 stimulation channels. The Base Unit is the interface between the software and the Satellite Unit.

Stimulus Generator STG5 Base Unit:

  • Voltage or current driven electrical stimulation through one device (160µA - 16mA range, +/- 8V, cascadable)
  • Two channel stimulation output via standard BNC or 4mm socket, alternatively, adapter provided
  • Trigger-in and sync-out interface (TTL) for setup integration
  • All stimulation channels galvanically isolated
  • STG5 base unit can operate (“daisy-chain”) up to 3 additional STG5 satellite units (8 channels max)
  • USB-C connection to PC
  • MC_Stimulus III (control software) included