Innovations in Electrophysiology

STG5 Satellite

Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH
Made in Germany

If you want to upscale your STG5, you can add up to 3 Satellite Units, which feature 2 additional channels each – giving you a total of up to 8 channels at once.

The STG5 Satellite Unit only operates in combination with the STG5 Base Unit! An individual operation of the STG5 Satellite is not possible.

Stimulus Generator STG5 Satellite Unit:

  • STG5 enhancement module to add 2 additional stimulation channels to installed STG5 base unit
  • Voltage or current driven electrical stimulation (160µA - 16mA range, +/- 8V, cascadable)
  • Stimulation output via standard BNC or 4mm socket  alternatively, adapter provided
  • Trigger-in and Sync-out interface via TTL Logic (located on STG5Base, forwarded to STG5Satellite)
  • All stimulation channels galvanically isolated
  • One, two or three STG5 satellites may be added/upgraded to one installed STG5 base unit, to operate 4, 6 or 8 independent stimulation channels via one GUI MC_Stimulus III