Innovations in Electrophysiology


Software Version: 
V 2.4.0
Release Date: 

New Feature Release 2.2.x

In the new feature release of the CMOS-MEA-Tools the Network Explorer is an imaging tool designed to reveal the location and shape of active neurons combined with the temporal characteristics of the action potential and its associated axonal signal conduction. The analysis can be based either on the spikes detected on a given sensor (Spike Explorer) or on the units extracted by the Spike Sorter.

The main features of the Network Explorer are:

  • Create the neuron’s footprint and watch its spatiotemporal characteristics.
  • Extract the path of the neuron’s axon from the electrical signal.
  • Calculate the conduction velocity of action potentials of each neuron’s axon.


In versions >2.0.0 of the CMOS-MEA-Tools new file formates were introduced to increase the file transfer rates, and provide a easier way to access the data by other applications. The speed up is mandatory to save spikes along with the raw data, and in offline mode it reduces the time needed to process the data dramatically. Therefore, the CMOS-MEA-Tools version 2.0.0 can only open HDF5 file created by CMOS-MEA-Control version 2.0.0. Files recorded by older CMOS-MEA-Control versions have to be converted to the new file formate using our Multi Channel DataManager.

Compatible with Windows® 8.1 / 10 (64 Bit).