Innovations in Electrophysiology

NeuroExplorer (NE)

NeuroExplorer (NE)
Software Version: 
Version 5

NeuroExplorer: Neurophysiological data analysis package (3-seat license) from Nex Technologies.

  • Import of native data files created by many popular data acquisition systems (AD Instruments, Alpha Omega, Axon Instruments, Bionic Technologies, CED, Cortex, DataWave, Instrutech, Multi Channel Systems, Neuralynx, Plexon, RC Electronics and others)
  • All standard histogram and raster analyses
  • Shift predictors in cross correlograms and color markers in perievent rasters
  • Joint PSTH, burst analysis and many more analysis options and functions
  • Analysis of continuous channels (spike-triggered histograms and rasters, spectral densities and other analyses)
  • 3D data view and animation
  • Fully customizable WYSIWYG graphics
  • Batch mode processing with internal scripting language
  • Direct data link to Matlab and Excel

E-mail technical support for one year and program updates for 6 months (both provided by Nex Technologies) included.

Finde more informations and documentation on the Neuroexplorer website.