Innovations in Electrophysiology
Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH
Quality Made in Germany

Tethered data acquisition system with integrated stimulation with up to 256 channels.
Complete with MCS-signal collector unit, MCS-interface board 3.0 multiboot, data acquisition and analysis software, power supply, and accessories. USB Super Speed data transfer with a sampling rate of up to 50 kHz/channel.

  • Data acquisition and analysis software Multi Channel Suite:

    - Including a 2 years maintenance package (software updates and support)

  • MCS interface board 3.0 multiboot (MCS-IFB 3.0 Multiboot):

    Interface board with signal processor for real-time signal detection and feedback.
    Includes various in-/outputs:
    - 4x Digital Out: Interface for output bit 0-3 of the 16-bit digital input / output channels (Lemo connector)
    - 4x Digital In for synchronization with other instruments (bit 0-3) (Lemo connector)
    - Digital IN / OUT: Interface for 16-bit digital input / output channels. Generates or accepts TTL-pulses.
    - 1x Stereo Out: Possibility to export 2 channels (e.g on an oscilloscope or headphones making the signals audible)
    - 2x Analog IN: Interface for 2 additional analog inputs (channel 1 and 2) (Lemo connector)
    - Analog IN: 8-channel Analog input (channel 1-8)
    - 1x Ground
    - 1x Universal Serial Bus Super Speed for transferring digitally converted data to any data acquisition computer with a sampling rate of up to 50 kHz (USB Super Speed cable)
    - 1x USB Serial Bus Super Speed for programing the integrated signal processor
    - External power supply: 100-240 V input voltage range

  • MCS signal collector unit (MCS-SCU):

    - Output for analog data to interface with 3rd party data acquisitions
    - Four programmable outputs for optical stimulation (optogenetics)
    - Up to four ME headstages can be operated with one MCS-SCU
    - Up to two signal collector units can be connected to one MCS-IFB

  • ME2100 Accessories:

      - Spare parts
      - CD with user manuals and software

  • Technical specifications

    Technical specifications as specified in the data sheet unless noted otherwise in the order.

    Please note: ME2100 headstages need to be ordered separately.