Innovations in Electrophysiology


Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH
Quality Made in Germany


One-channel PatchServer setup for automatic establishment of any patch clamp recording configuration on suspended cells. Includes main unit, platform, catch pipette with amplifier, software, data acquisition computer with preinstalled software, and accessories.

PatchServer specific parts
  • Main Unit
    - 3 pressure controllers (1 for recording pipette, 1 for catch pipette, and 1
      for cell reservoir)  
    - Power supply (100 - 240 V)
    - Possibility to upgrade to ultra-fast-application tool or 4-channel version
  • Platform
    - Fixed platform for inverted microscopes  
    - Mounting plate with fixed bolt-down positions for cell reservoir, catch pipette
      and ultra-fast-application tool
    - Height adjustable legs
  • Bath Chamber
    - Elongated main bath compartment
    - 4 individual application bays, each with separate inline
  • Cell Reservoir
    - Cell storage container with integrated special trituration tube
    - Capillary for cell delivery to catch pipette
    - Coarse manipulator (LBM-7, Scientifica) with step-motor for trituration
  • Catch Pipette
    - Catch pipette amplifier with housing and tiltable stand
    - Holder for catch pipette
  • PatchServer-1 Software
    - Automatic control & supervision of entire patch procedure (1 channel)  
    - Programmable protocol assays & fully automatic execution
    - Unrestricted user interrupt possibility & switch to manual patch procedure
    - Interface to PATCHMASTER (HEKA)
    - For Windows 7 or 8
• Data Acquisition Computer:
  - PC with 1 monitor, keyboard and mouse
  - With preinstalled hardware operating system and software
  • Micromanipulator from Scientifica Ltd (PatchStar)
    - Motorised 3 axis super smooth micromanipulator
    - 20 mm of high resolution (20 nm) travel in XYZ and fourth virtual approach
    - Drift of less than 1 micron over two hours
    - Extremely low electrical noise
  • Motorized Stage (UMS-2500-00) for microscope: Scientifica, high capacity
      XY stage, ultra-low noise 3-axis controller
  • Perfusion Pump
     2-channel peristaltic perfusion pump (PPS2 from MCS)

Technical specifications as specified in the data sheet unless noted otherwise in the order.

Please note: You need additional devices (e.g. microscope and anti-vibration table) to operate the PatchServer-Basic. Please contact your sales representative for a detailed list.