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Pipette Based Automatic Patch-Clamp System

PatchServer full setup The PatchServer is world-wide the only automatic patch-clamp system that is able to establish single-channel and whole-cell recording configurations using tools and techniques from the manual patch approach. The PatchServer is an add-on tool for manual patch-clamp setups. It utilizes standard glass electrodes and employs step-by-step the manual patch-clamp procedure of a human experimenter.
  • PatchServer specific components
    Specific PatchServer parts are added to a manual patch-clamp setup to form a fully functional PatchServer
  • Fully automatic patch-clamp procedure with standard glass electrodes
    The PatchServer utilizes tools and techniques of the manual patch approach
  • All suspend-able cell types can be patched
    Every cell type with a minimum diameter of ~10 µm and that can be brought into solution, can be patched by the PatchServer
  • Modular construction
    Depending on customer need, MCS provides equipment from the minimal PatchServer specific parts to a complete, fully functional patch-clamp setup