Innovations in Electrophysiology


Multi Channel Systems MCS GmbH
Quality Made in Germany

60 channel impedance testing device for microelectrode arrays to identify the quality of MEAs and monitor the development of the impedance of each electrode over the entire life span of the array. Compatible with MEAs with 60 electrodes.

  • MEA-IT60:
    - Dimensions (W x D x H): 250mm x 140mm x 25mm
    - Number of channels: 60
    - Measurement range: 5 kOhm-2 MOhm
    - Test signal: 100mV; 1 kHz Sine wave
    - Accuracy: 5 %
    - Power supply via USB
    - PC interface: USB 2.0
  • MEA-IT Program:
    MEA-IT is a software to measure and visualize the impedance of each electrode. The respective impedance is displayed in numbers. Colors indicate the condition of the electrode and facilitate a quick overview. Includes save functions for each measurement and exporting features of the history of each MEA.
  • Accessories:
    - Ag/AgCl-pellet (P1060)
    - Test-MEA
    - USB cable
    - User manual

Technical specifications as specified in the data sheet unless noted otherwise in the order.