Innovations in Electrophysiology



Cardio2D is an advanced data acquisition software that is complemented by the analysis module Cardio2D+.

The software supports all generations of Multi Channel Systems’ MEA-Systems and Portable-ME-Systems and is available for free (please see the "Downloads" tab above).

Features include:

  • Real-time mapping of cardiac propagation
  • Analysis of heart rate
  • Calculation of the duration of field potential and conduction velocity.

The given features of this software make it a flexible and versatile tool for drug testing and cardiac electrophysiology research. The software can be used together with classical MEAs to record from cardiac slices and cultured cardiomyocytes (primary, ES and iPS derived cardiomyocytes) or with flexible MEAs for epicardial mappings on isolated Langendorff hearts or in vivo organs.

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