Innovations in Electrophysiology

Multi Channel Suite



Multi Channel Suite is a complete software solution for reliable acquisition and analysis of electrophysiological data.

Consisting of three tools, it features:
  • Online real-time recording, graphing, and analysis of extracellular activity of excitable cells for in vivo and in vitro applications (Multi Channel Experimenter)
  • Offline analysis of the recorded data (Multi Channel Analyzer).
  • Data export for analysis in Matlab, Neuroexplorer, Spike2 or Python (Multi Channel DataManager).

With daily lab work in mind, the program is set up like an instrument rack on a workbench, allowing you to combine virtual instruments (e.g. recorder, filter, event detector, spike detector, stimulus generator or signal-triggered TTL pulse) in any way you want. The experimental set-up is very flexible and intuitive. All you have to do is choose the instruments by drag’n’drop and connect them, the way you want. Changes to the set-up are always possible.

Data is easily exported into HDF5 format, which is compatible with analysis tools like Matlab or Python. Or you can analyze the recorded data in the Multi Channel Analyzer. This tool also offers the import of video data, which can be connected to the recorded data by time stamps.

The Multi Channel Suite is an easy-to-use, flexible, yet powerful tool for online and offline data analysis.