Innovations in Electrophysiology




The Multiwell-Screen software package is designed specifically for the needs of screening experiments with the Multiwell-MEA-System. The software gives you an online overview of the activity on the complete well plate. Moreover, it displays the raw data of one freely selectable well and one freely selectable electrode in real-time. Most importantly, the software helps you to design your experiment, including compound applications and wash-in times and the guides you through the experiment and calculates the corresponding dose-response curves along the way.

In the beginning, you select whether you record from neuronal or cardiac cells, and then have a tool set specialized for your application.

With both tool sets, you can display your data in real-time on the entire well plate, zoom into one single well and see the signal on one single electrode. You can also filter the data (high-pass, low-pass, Butterworth, Notch etc.) and record digital events.

The software gives you the option to input information on the applied compounds and then calculates the corresponding dose-response curves automatically.

Thereby, you can choose if you want to analyze your data for:

  • Field-potential duration
  • Slope
  • Peak-to-peak
  • RR-Interval
  • Spike count.

Within the same software, you can design the stimulation patterns and decide when and where you want to stimulate.

As a policy at Multi Channel Systems, updates of the Multiwell-Screen software package will be available online and free of charge, so you are always up-to-date with recent developments.