Innovations in Electrophysiology

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STG5 Stimulus Generator

With a broad output range up to 16mA and a scalable, upgradeable design, the STG5 Stimulus Generator is perfect for a broad range of applications.  A 5µs reaction time gives you the ability to create complex stimulation patterns, and the powerful and user-friendly software saves you both time and stress.

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SmartUSSING Ussing Chamber System

SmartUSSING is a better way to increase the impact of your Ussing experiments by adding electrophysiological data. With an easy-to-use design, user-friendly software, and a smaller footprint, SmartUSSING makes electrophysiology easy and accessible for anyone.

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Smart Ephys and its brands Multi Channel Systems, HEKA Elektronik and Warner Instruments are now a proud part of the larger Harvard Bioscience family of brands. We are stronger than ever, because we are stronger together. Harvard Bioscience is combining the expertise and experience of over a dozen leading brands to advance your science together with you. We provide solutions for all areas of pre-clinical research and sciences in cellular and molecular markets from one source. As a trusted partner in your laboratory, we look forward to finding the right solution to support your application.


Universal Data Acquisition with the IFB-C Multiboot


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Interface Board IFB-C Multiboot

Universal extracellular electrophysiology

The IFB-C is a new interface board generation and part of MCS in vitro and in vivo/ex vivo systems. This allows cost-effective combinations with one interface board and multiple recording systems.

Main benefits:

  • Freely programmable DSP*
  • Real-time signal detection and feedback*
  • Low noise data processing with up to 50 kHz sampling rate
  • Individual firmware setup allows communication with up to three different headstage types
  • SuperSpeed USB 3.0 data transfer

* applicable for MEA2100(-Mini), ME2100, and W2100

More details on the IFB-C

MEA2100-System Family

General in vitro electrophysiology

The MEA2100-System familiy is designed for universal use purposes in cardiac, neuronal, or stem cell applications. With its vast variety of MEA layouts and electrode counts of 60, 120, and 256 it is suitable for almost any needs.

Main benefits:

  • Flexible headstages for 60 - 256 electrodes
  • 24 bit A/D resolution
  • Multiple MEA layouts for different use cases
  • Integrated stimulation on any electrode
  • Bandwidth DC to 10 kHz, selectable by software
  • Integrated temperature control and perfusion
  • Suitable for use in incubator (MEA2100-Mini-System)
  • Free and easy to use Multi Channel Suite software

More details about the
MEA2100-System or the MEA2100-Mini-System


High throughput in vitro electrophysiology

The Multiwell-MEA-System with standard 24- and 96-well plate formats is the perfect solution for medium to high throughput. The high sampling rate of 50 kHz garanties the quality of your data required for drug screening or safety pharmacology.

Main benefits:

  • Standard 24- and 96-well plate format with up to 1152 electrodes
  • 24 bit A/D resolution
  • Sampling rate at up to 50 kHz per channel
  • Bandwidth DC to 10 kHz, selectable by software
  • Climate chamber with CO2 inlet and temperature control
  • Integrated stimulation on any electrode
  • Free and easy to use Multiwell-Screen software optimized for screening experiments

More details about the Multiwell-MEA-System


High resolution in vitro electrophysiology

Based on CMOS technology the CMOS-MEA5000-System offers highest resolution of electrical activity even on sub-cellular level. More than 4000 recording sites sampled at 25 kHz guarantee high spatio-temporal resolution for your application.

Main benefits:

  • Active CMOS based chip with 4225 recording and 1024 stimulation sites
  • CMOS arrays with 16 or 32 µm sensor pitch and integrated chamber for cell culture
  • Outstanding signal quality sampled at 25 kHz for sub-cellular recordings
  • 14 bit A/D resolution
  • Bandwidth DC to 10 kHz, selectable by software
  • Integrated 3-channel stimulator
  • Free CMOS-MEA-Control software optimized for massive data processing

More details about the CMOS-MEA5000-System


Beta cell screening for diabetes research

The MEA2100-Beta-Screen-System is an in vitro recording system optimized for diabetes research with beta cells in intact islets of Langerhans.

Main benefits:

  • Easy to use for electrophysiological recordings of up to 40 islets simultaneously

  • Non-invasive and fast, medium throughput screening device

  • Beta cell specific analysis software Beta-Screen included

  • Islets secured using suction

  • Drug screening also possible with human beta cells

More details about the MEA2100-Beta-Screen-System


Wireless in vivo electrophysiology

The W2100-System is the all-in-one solution for wireless in vivo recording and stimulation. With lightweight headstages, options for optical and electrical stimulation, and video recording the system is the ideal solution for freely roaming animals.

Main benefits:

  • Lightweight headstages with 4 to 32 channels.
  • Options for electrical and optical stimulation
  • Simultaneous recording of up to 8 headstages with one system
  • Option for synchronized video-to-data recording
  • Excellent data quality through digital data transfer
  • Free Multi Channel Suite software

More details about the W2100-System


Tethered in vivo/ex vivo electrophysiology

The ME2100-System contains everything necessary for your in vivo or ex vivo applications like brain research or Langendorff heart. Headstages with 32 channels, the high data quality, and options for electrical and optical stimulation leave nothing to be desired.

Main benefits:

  • Flexible upgrades from 32 up to 256 recording channels
  • 24 bit A/D resolution and 50 kHz sampling rate
  • Bandwidth DC to 10 kHz, selectable by software
  • Integrated stimulation on any electrode
  • Control of external stimulation electrodes and external LEDs possible
  • Software selectable reference electrodes
  • Free Multi Channel Suite software

More details about the ME2100-System

In Vitro MEA-Systems

  • 60 - 5000 channels for recording and stimulation
  • High throughput multiwell solutions
  • High resoultion on subcellular level
  • For slices, cultures, stem cells and retina preparations

In Vivo Systems

  • 4 - 256 recording channels
  • For freely moving or restrained animals and organ explant
  • Wireless recording system with electrical and optical stimulation

Xenopus Oocyte Research

  • Fully automated injection and TEVC in Xenopus Oocytes
  • Drug screening in 96 wells
  • Extremely small compound volumes


  • Data acquisition
  • Data analysis
  • Control tools

Microelectrode Arrays

  • MEA with 32, 60, 120 or 252 electrodes
  • Layouts for all applications
  • Multiwell Plates (24 or 96 wells)


  • Tools for research in electrophysiology
  • Patch clamp amplifiers, TEVC amplifiers, potentiostats

Warner Instruments

  • Tools for electrophysiology
  • Components for patch clamp, oocyte clamp, and bilayer clamp electrophysiology

Micromanipulators and Microscopes

  • From well-established manufacturers
  • Ideal for electrophysiology and fluorescence imaging